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We support companies willing to take the leap from a training culture to a learning-focused one by easing the digital integration and enhancing the technological use as part of the new human dimension.

By using the right technology at a right pace, learning can be your core business drive in times of constant change.


Finding the right balance between technology, processes and people 

Is adopting Digital Learning solely about moving the classroom training sessions in online? Is there something more to this than picking and using platforms and apps? Do you ask yourself how to design a coherent Digital L&D Strategy? What kind of new skills are necessary for the future digital organization?

There are different possible scenarios for this journey; what they have in common is the level of commitment required to succeed and the urge of starting the process sooner than later.


Our digital mindset


This is our digital mindset manifesto that showed us that digitalization done right, through a learning culture, by accessing the right level of commitment required to succeed and the urge of starting the process sooner than later, has shifted organizations and boosted their future readiness:

  • Digital ready is not enough, we need to entirely redesign our L&D strategies for the digital era.
  • We put technology in the service of learning and not the other way around.
  • We prioritise learning upon training by moving the focus from programs and curricula to learners.
  • We plan for attracting and developing new relevant L&D digital skills.
  • We commit to changes in mindset and habits - not entering the online environment with an offline hat.
  • We allocate the proper resources in order to address the project needs even from the beginning. 


3 concrete scenarios to start our collaboration

The journey to faraway starts with the very first steps. Digital transformation is a long term endeavour that has its own prerequisites: a clear roadmap, an optimal digital learning readiness level, quality conversations around the changes that are necessary in order to obtain the desired results and so on. Here are some practical ways to start a partnership.


Digital Learning

Capabilities Development Map

Duration: 1,5 h x 2 (1/2 day)

Method: 100% online, Zoom

Cost: 1800 EUR / group (inhouse)

          300 EUR / person (open)

Program agenda:

  • L&D digital transformation roadmap 
  • Required infrastructure and existent resources reusage 
  • New roles and responsibilities within the L&D team
  • Upskilling for learning digital transformation
  • Processes, systems and automation
  • Strategic level buy-in and budgets configuration


Reviewing Training Strategies & Plans for the Digital Environment

Duration: 1,5 h x 2 (1/2 day)

Method: 100% online, Zoom

Cost: 1300 EUR / group (inhouse)

          190 EUR / person (open)

Program agenda:

  • Neuroscience of digital learning
  • Digital Learning strategy 
  • Training plans optimization - what to keep, what to automate and what to change
  • Skillset & Toolset (Rapid Digital Learning Design, Disruptive Tech)
  • Online learning engagement methods & interactive techniques
  • Outsourcing vs internal delivery capabilities 
  • Criteria for choosing the suppliers



Digital Learning Programs

Duration: 1,5 h x 3 (3 days)

Method: 100% online, Zoom

Cost: 1500 EUR / group (inhouse)

          190 EUR / person (open)

Program agenda:

  • Neuroscience of digital learning
  • Digital Learning programs examples - impact & uses
  • Learning objectives & tools
  • Program alignment - ID Matrix
  • Learning process & success criteria for a digital program
  • Blended Learning
  • Synchronous and asynchronous learning in online
  • Checklist for choosing the right methods for online learning

about us

We use our experience to support your digital transformation

Mihai Zânt

More than 10 years experience in team & communities management. He worked in the corporate environment within the HR, Sales and Marketing functions. 

Petre Bica

15+ years of Digital Learning design & consultancy experience in large scale international projects. Expertise in Lean Thinking applied to L&D.

Iulia Buciuman

More than 10 years in training, organisational development and internal communication for multinational companies in Banking, Business Consultancy and IT&C.

Daniel Păun

Experienced executive with extensive practice in organisational transformation and building parteners networks. International Digital Learning entrepreneur.

Ana Cristina Chis

She creates and delivers learner centred training programs for over 15 years in Romania and France. Digital native and tech savvy together with a strategic mind.

Claudia Pedersen

10+ years of experience in L&D and digital upskilling in not-for-profit, tech and RPA sectors. Large scale global programs in learning & management consulting.

Cristina Barbu

17+ years of analyzing the impact of technology in human behavior. Passionate by psychoanalysis and helping people achieve their potential. Part of Dutch Foundation for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

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